Improve your next event with eTech Solution.

Streamline events with the latest solutions for your corporate events, seminars, exhibitions, and trade shows. Online Platform, Event Software, Advanced Badges, Big Data Analytics

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Event Lifecycle Management.

Event Preparation
Streamline pre-event tasks


Invite attendees, sell tickets, register attendees.

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Event Management
Improve event experiences.


Event-app, event badges, attendee analytics.

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Post Event Analysis
Accelerate event completion.


Event reports, event analytics and follow-up.

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eTech Solution has provided our clients the latest in event management. Event organizers, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors experience highly memorable events. Their return on investment is maximized while cost and complications are minimized.

-Creative Evolution, Ad Agency

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Event Solution Expertise.


Fast and Secure Access to Events and Facilities has become a necessity. Advanced technology provides a better experience for attendees and exhibitors alike.

Fast & Secure Access.

In the past, access to events or Tradeshows was either fast OR secure. ETech has partnered with industry leaders to provide exclusive access technology, including RFID enabled badges, permitting automated attendance tracking, passes that can't be duplicated, and user-friendly event apps. Advance to Fast & Secure Access with eTech.

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Your attendees and exhibitors experience starts months before your trade show or event. Save time and provide the most user-friendly event registration, customized to fit your needs.

User friendly Event Registration.

Streamlined registration needs to provide you the information you need, while maximizing conversion to increase the number of both attendees and exhibitors. Launch the industry leading Event Registration Platform with eTech.

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Customized Event Lifecycle Solutions to save you time and reduce cost. US- based Solution development & customer-service to provide streamlined experiences for you and your customers. Event promotion & management expertise to increase your revenue and maximize value. Partnerships with the leading technology providers for Tradeshows and Events, to give you access to exclusive, dependable technology.

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