Connect with attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors for future events, and maximize their understanding of event ROI with eTech's advanced data analytics


Directly after your event, the preparation for your next one begins. Secure commitments from exhibitors and sponsors, and increase the number of attendee registrations instantaneously. By providing easy to understand insights into the event data, exhibitors and sponsors will understand the value of the exposure their brand gained. Analyzing the results of your marketing will allow you to increase campaign efficiency and reduce advertising cost going forward.

  • Measure impressions each event page generated
  • Analyze the conversion from site-visitor to registration by traffic source
  • Access exhibitor, sponsor, and attendee databases for your post-event follow-up
  • Provide detailed insights about the popularity of sessions
  • Understand what attractions, sessions, and event times created the most interest and attendance
  • Increase awareness for your next event, instantaneously
Optimizing your post event follow-up with your sponsors, exhibitors, attendees, and speakers allows you to form a lasting connection, and is the first step to continuously grow your event revenue, year over year. Measuring results allows you to gain the insights necessary to improve your event preparation and event marketing. ETech provides you a solution specific for your business and workflow, resulting in a higher ROI with a smaller time commitment.



Exhibitors are primarily interested in connecting with potential customers. Communicating the number of event attendees for each day and for each session, and providing an overview of the latest trends that are of specific interest to attendees, allows exhibitors to understand the value your event created for their brand. With optional access to event lead-lists, exhibitors can maximize the value they realize from exhibiting. ETech Solution provides you access to all analytics that are relevant for exhibitors, and allows you to maximize the number of connections they build through your event.


Event attendees have a very specific reason for attending a tradeshow. They are often looking for a specific solution to solve a challenge for their business, or they are interested in learning more about the industry in general. By providing detailed information about all exhibitors, sponsors, and sessions after your show, attendees get the most out of visiting your event, and are more likely to attend again. eTech Solution can automate the post-event follow up for your company, and reduce the time and effort necessary to build a lasting connection between your event and attendees.




Sponsors are interested in increasing exposure for their brand and creating an association between their brand and your event. By providing a detailed overview of the exposure you generated for sponsors, and allowing them to connect with speakers, exhibitors, and attendees, you provide more value for their sponsorship. More value means larger commitments going forward, and lasting relationships between your event and your sponsors. eTech solution gives you access to advanced analytics, providing the insights you can share with your sponsors.

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