Optimize the Registration Process for your Tradeshows, Corporate Events and Exhibitions with eTech Solution's Attendee-Friendly Event Registration Platform


Attendees, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Speakers, Organizers, Staff, and External Vendors all come together to create a memorable event. To reduce the time and effort required to co-ordinate your event, eTech Solution has developed the most advanced Event Registration Platform to date. Registration is user-friendly and fast, optimized for any device your registrants use. The registration process is customized to provide you with all the information needed, and makes all your data securely accessible whenever and wherever necessary.

  • Fast Registration on any Device
  • Event-Specific Customization
  • Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages
  • Individual Categories for Exhibitors, Sponsors, Attendees and Speakers
  • Secure Payment Processing
Each Event is Unique. The Event Registration Experience is often the first impression your event makes on attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. With eTech Solution you have chosen the best.



Each Event is different. Each category of event attendee, from VIPs, to public attendees, to exhibitors, to speakers, vendors, to sponsor requires access to specific information. Event Highlights that are relevant for each individual attendee must be communicated. eTech Solution's event registration platform allows event organizers to highlight the specific benefits for each separate attendee category, and collects all necessary information online.


Tradeshows, Exhibitions, and Corporate Events require different registrations. Attendees, Exhibitors, and Sponsors have different reasons to attend a tradeshow. Only a customizable Registration Platform like eTech Solution will provide the results you expect. For Exhibitors, the decision to exhibit at a certain tradeshow is based on the expected benefit for their business. How many interested potential customers will connect with their sales team? For Attendees, the decision to attend a tradeshow is based on how much they can learn, how many professionals they can connect with, and if they believe they can find a vendor for what they need. For Sponsors, their decision is based on expected positive exposure for their brand and the beneficial association with high-end events. By maximizing revenue with eTech Solution, while managing cost and creating a high-end user experience simultaneously, your event will become a success.




Data security and safe processing of transactions are important for your event. Use eTech Solution’s advanced payment processing to provide event attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors with peace of mind.

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